The Catholic University of America

Student Ministry Vision Statement

In pursuit of the holiness of Christ, who lived in the joy of the Spirit and offered the ultimate sacrifice of self, we the Student Ministers commit to a vision of prayer, service, and mutual love and respect for our community, our university and ourselves.

As individuals, we strive to achieve a deeper life of prayer, a commitment to our academic responsibilities, and recognition of our role of public witness to the Catholic faith within the university.

As a family brought together by God, we embrace Christ as the center of our lives, and we recognize that our calling as a community requires an accountability to each other in upholding a deeper life and appreciation for each other as unique individuals and children of God.

We work to actualize the message of the Gospel at our university through the service we have committed to as student ministers.  In all things, we seek to uphold the ideals of The Catholic University and the mission of Campus Ministry.

Our vision of Student Ministry is a community of life, love, laughter, where we seek to foster our growth as members of the Body of Christ, committed to each other and to our work.  From this communion will spring the strength and desire to engage our campus in the joyful and life giving message of the Gospel.

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