The Catholic University of America

Student Ministry

Student Ministers are Campus Ministry student staff.  They are selected through an application process from January-March for the following academic year.  Student Ministers go through training each August and January and are supervised by a member of the Campus Ministry Pastoral Staff throughout the year.  They are assigned to a residence hall and serve as the primary point of contact between those residents and the Office of Campus Ministry.  In addition to providing opportunities for spiritual growth in each residence hall, Student Ministers are responsible for weekly campus-wide programming. Student Ministers fall into three groups or communities:

  • The House is the community of student ministers responsible for outreach to first-year residence halls.  House Ministers live together in "The House" as a community and share a common ministry.  They sponsor events every Friday night geared towards underclassmen.
  • The Resident Ministers are student ministers who live in upperclass residence halls as a resource for those students. The Resident Ministers also come together as a community for prayer and fellowship and share a common ministry geared towards upperclassmen.  They sponsor an evening of food and fellowship every Wednesday night after Eucharistic Adoration as well as a monthly CUA on Tap open mic and speaker series.  


2017-2018 Student Ministers

The House                                                                        The Resident Ministers