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What is RENEW?

A group of friends from your residence hall or school department who hang out, eat good food, read Holy Scripture, while seeking Christ together. You meet once a week with your Resident Minister. It is all FUN and EASY way to make lasting friends and explore your faith.


Our Mission: To build small communities committed to seeking Christ by discovering God's Word, sharing the faith, and cultivating fellowship in order to better witness to the Truth and live the Gospel.

Why do Renew?

A personal ENCOUNTER with JESUS in Scripture. Praying the Word, not studying it. Discussing current issues. Living it out. Upperclassmen, challenge yourself! Sophomores, DO IT! Freshmen, why not?


Where is RENEW?

It meets all over campus, so regardless of your schedule, there's most likely one that will fit you. Each residence hall meets once a week with their Resident Minister. The schools too around the campus also have RENEW groups - Architecture, Arts and Sciences, Business, Engeenring, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, Theology, Social Work and the Commuter Group. Don't hesitate to ask them if you have any questions!


How do I join:

Go to to sign up and find out the time and place of your residence hall's Renew community or the schools. And your Resident Ministers are always there if you have any concerns/questions.

When does RENEW begin?

Renew starts up the week following Labor Day Weekend. Check with your Resident Minister for the particular date and place of your residence hall's Renew group or contact Jon Hawkins ( for RENEW groups in the schools of the campus for upper classmen.




If you have any further questions please contact:

Fr. Eric de la Peña, OFM Conv


Or or call 202-319-5575.