The Catholic University of America

Our Mission Statement

The Office of Campus Ministry supports the members of The Catholic University of America community in their individual and communal growth as they strive to live the message of the Gospel.

  • The ministry is directed toward and seeks to involve all members of the CUA community: students, faculty, administrators and staff.
  • The Office of Campus Ministry is responsible for articulating a vision for this ministry and for acquiring and developing the necessary resources for implementing this vision.
  • The central responsibilities for this office include: convening the community for prayer and worship; providing a pastoral presence on campus and in the residence halls; facilitating social justice, community service and outreach activities; offering sacramental catechesis and educational opportunities pertinent to faith development; and providing pastoral counseling, spiritual direction and retreat opportunities.

Franciscan Vision of Campus Ministry at the Catholic University of America

A Ministry of the Conventual Franciscan Friars
of St. Anthony of Padua Province USA

St. Francis of Assisi, the beloved 13th century saint, sought with all his heart to live the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Inspired by that singular desire that has enlivened the imaginations and ministries of men and women of every generation since, we the Friars and Staff of Campus Ministry strive to:

  • Inspire young men and women to follow Christ and embrace and live the values of the Gospel within the context of the core values of the Catholic University of America.
  • Encourage our students to participate as fully as possible in the liturgical and devotional life of the Church.
  • Live our common life on campus as a witness to the community which we serve.
  • Inculcate a special love and concern for the poor and those in need.
  • Promote the culture of life in the hearts of our students, on campus and in our nation.
  • Encourage a regard for nature as a gift from God to be used, developed, preserved and revered.
  • Instill in our students a faithful respect for the Church's Magisterium and a desire to always promote unity and charity within the Church.
  • Serve all members of the CUA community regardless of their religious beliefs or practice.
  • Act as student advocates by serving their corporal and spiritual needs through a ministry of presence.

The Friars and staff involved in Campus Ministry strive to accomplish these goals in close association with the appropriate CUA University Departments, Offices and Administration.

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