The Catholic University of America

 Guidelines for Appropriate Use of CUA Chapels

  1. Dates and times requested must be submitted in writing to the Director of Liturgy, along with a description of the event you wish to take place.
  2. All use of the chapels must be reserved at least 48 hours in advance, in person, with the Office of Campus Ministry.
  3. Weddings are governed by the separate wedding policy of the University and the Archdiocese. Please see
  4. The chapel/s must be returned to its proper order. Before leaving be sure all lights are turned off, windows closed and all doors securely locked. All programs, song sheets, or worship aids are to be collected by those using the chapel. Hymnals are to be returned to their proper place. Damages or loss will be billed to those using the chapel by the Office of Campus Ministry.
  5. All trash is to be placed in the proper containers by those using the chapels.
  6. Furniture, including pews, lectern, altar, chairs, piano, tables, is not to be moved without consultation and approval by the Director of Liturgy and/or sacristan.
  7. No liturgical books, vestments, or other equipment are to be removed from the chapels without the expressed permission of Campus Ministry.
  8. No furniture or equipment is to be removed from any of the chapels or sacristies.
  9. No notices, posters, or decorations may be affixed by any method to any walls, pews, chairs, fixtures, or furniture.
  10. All seasonal décor is to be left in place intact.
  11. All altars, regardless of their locations, are consecrated and are to be used only for the celebration of the Eucharist (i.e. not for refreshments, not for collating, or as desks).
  12. No food or drink is allowed in the chapel/s. Receptions and/or socials are to be held outside of the chapel/s.
  13. The sacristy is not a dressing room and is not to be used as such. The Blessed Sacrament Chapel is a place of reverence. Please be sure to observe this.
  14. If keys are needed to access the chapel/s and/or sacristies, arrangements should be made through the Campus Ministry Office Manager. Keys must be returned the following business day.
  15. No Sunday liturgies or Saturday vigil masses may be held for CUA students and/or groups apart from the primary 3 Sunday University-wide liturgies.
  16. All official Church guidelines are to be followed.
  17. Please maintain a general respect for the space as a place of worship.

Note: The Office of Campus Ministry does not provide musicians or vocalists for events outside of its own liturgical functions or events, and/or those official CUA or faculty events.